Episode X – Puppets Protest / When a boat is sinking the sailors’ voice is unheard.

Apparently The Second Stringers were floating on a slender boat when suddenly it dashed on the shore of a big continent. Their dizzy country man spread around this new kingdom setting up little tents and speaking a different language that never stopped to post its secrets. Many remained on the boat fretting their gizzard to chink and cork the slippery deck. But nobody noticed when their commander uncorked their work and cruised again. Where were they floating this time? Nobody knew. They only found out their commander is determined to take them to destination.

In the meantime The Second Stringers were waiving their white handkerchiefs from the bank of The Land of Marionettes. The wind was taking their voices. So they stopped screaming from their little finger throats. Who would have known their acts will be captured by the surveillance recorders?
Let’s hear what they said.

Gron: The commander kidnaped the Fingerlanders!!!!  We have to save them. Let’s call the fireman!!

Bipolic: The fireman is lost! Maybe they wanted to go with the commander. In this case, there is nothing to do about that.

Tulip: Of course they wanted! Is their boat! They have all the rights to take back the hull and determine a new destination.  Mister B is the intruder.

Gron: They should fling him overboard!

Tulip: They are trying. But you see, the commander have control over the cabin. And he’s not coming out.

Mely: All hands must struggle to take over the ship. A new commander has to take its place.

Gron: Listen to them. They are asking for help. Oh, my god. They released the beast. The captain’s daughter [i] is at work!!!

Tulip: Someone has to take control over the ballast tank. There is no other way.

Bipolic: Don’t be naïve. There is no one there who knows how to do it.

Tulip: Someday I will kick your bloody face!

Mely: Don’t start it. Look! The boat is sinking! There is no one to rescue the Fingerlanders???

Bipolic: When a boat is sinking the sailors’ voice is unheard.  Our little puppets must take control over the cabin and save themselves. This could happen only if there is someone among them who really knows how to sail!!!

[i] a type of multi-tailed whipping device that originated as an implement for severe physical punishment, used on board on the captain’s personal orders


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