Episode 4 / The Land of Marionettes

The Second Stringers decided to explore the world. They were ready now to make acquaintance with another species of puppets. The Land of Marionettes becomes the “must to be there” place. Before starting their journey, The Second Stringers did some research about their habits, their functions and their favorite stories. And not to mention they even learned the language. Oh, and obvious, they found out they need strings to travel around the Land of Marionettes, so they ordered some on the internet. When the strings arrived, they were ready to go…They pecked several gloves, the strings and some dictionaries and left their home country.

The shock they had arriving in the Land of Marionettes made them speechless for a while. That is why the narrator is still with you. At first they visited the hot spots and the castles, the museums and Marionette Theatres. Everything was so different…Fascinating and different…They tried to speak their language, but of course with a funny accent. But let’s be serious, there were a lot of marionettes speaking with a funny accent too. So The Second Stringers did not worry…at first. But then…  

Bipolic: Gron, you have a horrible accent. Please, let me do the talking. Otherwise we will starve.

Gron: You know what? I am sick of all this. If the Marionettes restaurants are not open to us because we are too short or because we have a funny accent, I don’t fucking care. I will go to a Wayang[i] Restaurant. There are plenty of them around here.

Tulip: But can you eat with sticks?

Gron: I will learn!!

Mely: I think is time to attach the strings. If we join their traveling system it will be much easier to use the same restaurants as they do. There are so many places we can’t enter because we don’t have the strings.

Bipolic: With strings or no strings, we’ll still be finger characters. We won’t fool anybody.

Gron: Uh. I can’t place mine on the system.I told you not to order the strings on the internet. They are too short!!!

Tulip: Mine doesn’t work as well. One is too short and one is too long.

Bipolic: They fooled us.

Gron: Really? How did you notice??? I told you we should have bought them directly from here.

Tulip: Unfortunately they don’t sell strings to finger characters.

Mely: But why??? We are puppets too…

Tulip: In their eyes we are too short, our language is muddy and we are not so expressive like marionettes. Look at our bodies! We can’t play as profound and deep as they do. We have a very limited number of movements. Our theatre is complicated, our plays confusing and our humor…dark.

Gron: You know what? I am going home! This is not a place for me. Since I came here I had to snick, slip or jump over these massive puppets. My gloves are always dirty and wet.

Mely: I have an idea. You all must admit there is so much to learn from the Land of Marionettes. We have to cope with the mud for a little while and strive to attach ourselves on the system. Listen, one of my strings is good, and the other is longer. We can cut it and tie it to yours, Gron.  And Tulip can help Bipolic. This is how we all going to fit on the traveling system. It is true that our strings will still be too short, but we can give a try.

Tulip: I am in!!!

Bipolic, Gron: …ok …anyway…whatever.


[i] Javanese shadow theatre; sticks are used at the puppet’s joints in order to effectuate the moves.


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